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Young and the Restless

Why has the Young and the Restless been taken off the channel 175 7pm - 8pm time? Please put this show back on at this time.

This is the only time I can watch this because of working during the day. This happened before and Pop TV put this show back on and now it has happened again and I am not at all happy with this channel.


Yong and the Restless

Why was Y&R taken off channel 290 from 6-7pm nightly, I pay for this channel in Iowa it's Medicom


Young and the Restless

Good evening. I was just wondering why the Young &The Restless was taken off channel 175 from 7-8pm.

You have Y&R on in the morning twice one on ch.2 at 11:30 am and on at 10:00 am on ch. 175. I pay for an extra tier of cable so I can watch Y&R at night on channel 175 Pop tv. Please can you put it back on from 7-8pm on 175.

I would be grateful. Thanks


Where did BH 90210 go?

Hello. Have you guys stopped season 5 of Beverly hills 90210 in mid season?

Are you planning on continuing the show?

I don't see any more episodes scheduled. Thanks Heather Payton


Y & R

Why was the evening showing on the day’s episode deleted from your schedule? Morning showing l’m at work already.

Please bring back evening showing. Thanks


Soaps in the evening

I pay extra for POP because I work doing the day so I can see Young & the Restless and Bold & Beautiful when I get off. Please move back to the evening time slot.


Evening young and the restless

When will the young and the restless return at 7pm . If not I will cancel.This channel!!!!!!



Will u put young & the restless back on @ 7;00 ive been missing the show Thanks


Bold and beautiful

What happened to the bold and the beautiful? We all want it back!

Same time!

Or maybe on Saturdays. Just bring it back.


Bring back Bold & Beautiful


Bold and Beautiful

Why is The Bold and Beautiful of of your scheduled programming? No one watches the show you replaced it with!!!

Please reconsider your decision!! Theresa



I have been watching ER and I think we are on our 4th time around. I have a suggestion how about replacing it with Hawaii 50 or Chicago Hope it would be a refreshing change


pop TV 90210

When are u showing Beverly hills 90210 reruns back on? You ended it Dec 27, 2017 in mid season. Please put it back on


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